Body Brazil Benefit Emana is a revolutionary development and technological breakthrough in the textile field, that makes possible the creation of bioactive apparels able to promote a new level of interaction between the fabric and the skin, in order to enhance well being.

The Benefit fabric is polyamide 6.6-based smart yarn with a far infrared technology (FIR) that transforms the human body heat in benefits to skin care. Thanks to bioactive minerals (crystals) embedded in the EMANA yarn DNA, it absorbs the body heat and emanates far infrared rays back to the skin offering thermo-regulation properties and improving blood micro-circulation when in contact with the skin for more than six hours.  Even the slightest amount of physical activity increases the garments effectiveness.

Additional benefits from the key characteristics of polyamide, such as soft touch, easy care with no special handling or washing, resistance, and elasticity, mean the product can be worn for the gym, work,or any other occasion.  Emana is also hypoallergenic with no harmful chemicals used.

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